Oceanic Nature Watch Adventure

These tours are run by the Sydney Pelagic Group Cooperative comprising six local birders who are keen to keep these pelagics operating, and will continue to run as long as the support of the local and overseas birding fraternity continues.

There will be enthusiastic guides, spotters & photographers on board to make your day a memorable one.

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To book your place please call:
Roger McGovern
9953 3484 or 0407 389 808

Or Hal Epstein
0411 311 236

You will need to provide a credit card number on which to hold your booking.

Non-concession $120
Concession $110
For the regulars who will undertake 5 or more tours in each calendar year the cost is $100

Please note: to change or cancel your booking you will have to give at least 5 working days notice. Bookings are fully transferable so if you suddenly can’t make it get someone else to come along.

Please also read the Liability Disclaimer. Your participation on a tour is deemed as acceptance of the conditions noted in the disclaimer.

Tours are weather & numbers dependent. If a tour is cancelled you will have the opportunity to be rebooked at a future date.

Remember to confirm that the weather/sea conditions are OK for the tour to proceed - telephone 0411 311 236 or 0407 389 808 on the afternoon of the day prior to the tour if the conditions look marginal. We will attempt to contact you if the tour has to be cancelled for weather.

Pick up

Mosman Bay Wharf at 06.45am
Avenue Road, Mosman. The wharf is located at the end of Avenue Road in Mosman. There is unrestricted public parking adjacent to the wharf.

Rose Bay Wharf at 07.00am
New South Head Road, Rose Bay. The wharf is situated in Lyne Park, Rose Bay. Access is via New South Head Rd Rose Bay. The public wharf is adjacent to and just to the south of the ferry wharf.

All day free parking is available in designated areas.

Do not panic if we are not at your pick up location exactly on time - delays can occur. If you are running late call Hal on 0411 311 236 or Roger on 0407 389 808 to let us know where you are.

What to bring

A small pair of good quality binoculars, 8-10X magnification is advised.

There will be opportunities to photograph birds at close range, although lenses up to 300mm or even 400mm are useful. Cetaceans can be both close & far away Bring plenty memory cards.
Tripods /monopods are of minimal use due to the motion of the boat.
Cameras hand held using image stabilisation and fast shutter speeds will get you really good results.
There are usually many experienced photographers on board who are always willing to lend a hand on camera settings etc if you need it. Do not hesitate to ask.

Warm and wet weather clothing
A water/wind proof jacket for days when there is a lot of spray. Many also prefer to wear waterproof footwear. A hat and sunglasses are essential, especially in summer.

Food and drink
Serve yourself tea and coffee as well as juice and biscuits are on board free of charge. Water is also available.

Sun Screen Sun block (15+) even in winter

Monthly statistics for the Sydney & Wollongong trips
Species Statistics

If in doubt about your “sea legs”, consult your doctor or pharmacist as to the remedies available. Remember you will be in the open ocean where the wave height and swell will rarely be minimal. Hints on how to prevent seasickness.

Relax & enjoy the adventure.

Disclaimer of Liability
The pelagic tours are conducted on a vessel operated by a third party company and no other party accepts any liability whatsoever in connection with the tours. Participants of the tour acknowledge this. Participants also acknowledge that they understand that that pelagic boating may involve certain risks including without limitation sickness, injury and loss of property, that they have independently considered and understood the risks involved and that they agree that they will bear those risks. Participants also acknowledge that they are fit and healthy and suffer from no medical conditions that make participation in an offshore boating trip unwise.

  1. Get a full night’s sleep the night before. A night out on the town before the tour is not recommended.
  2. Eat a hearty breakfast
  3. Take remedies as directed - don’t take extra just to be sure.
  4. Stand up as much as possible when on board and remain outside.
  5. Look at the horizon, (It helps control your balance).
  6. Keep yourself busy observing what is around.
  7. Eat solid foods such as biscuits and bread rolls while on board.

* these dates are subject to sourcing a suitable vessel